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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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kau       ma-lak       mak»mang  man,
mangoes      Aw,

nang-kau   Maioia   shang»ko   kau-mai
and       Mdlati    ®t<»fir8t        me

nu   ton-mai   han-ka   nai-shi-wa,
ti         tree       saw         mid.

This case is false. I did not go to steal anything at his house. The facts are these.
I missed my cow which I had bought from Dhaniram a year ago. The cow though
carefully kept by me used to visit her former owner's house very often, and I had to go and
fetch her several times. On the day referred to by Dhaniram I went to Ms house to see if
my cow had gone there. That was after sunset. I walked through his compound as usual
to see whether my cow was straying there. It so happened that at that time his sister
Malati, a grown-up girl of 18 years, came to the compound with a water-pot in tier hand.
It was'then nearly dark. She saw me unexpectedly going towards her, though I myself
had not noticed her. She got frightened and screamed as if she thought I was a ghost.
The people of the house, including Dhaniram, came and seized me, saying that I had
come there to visit the girl That was the story Bhaniram told to the Police^ but in
the Court, in order to hide the shame of his sister, he gives out that I was stealing his
mangoes and that Malati saw me first on the tree.